Elderly Nurse At Home- TEHRAN

Elderly and children home care and nursing services-tehran-iran

Elderly Nurse At Home- TEHRAN

care and nursing of the elderly and children at home

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The Institute of Nursing, Care Services for Children and the Elderly at Mounes Khandan Naji House of Tehran with trained personnel in the following fields is ready to serve our dear citizens in Tehran and Karaj:

1- Sending a nurse or carer to keep the elderly lady or man at home

2- Sending a nurse to take care of children at home

3. Dear Companions of Elderly People Daily, Weekly or Other Agreed Terms

4- Keeping the sick or elderly and disabled at home

5- Keeping and accompanying patients in hospitals and medical centers

6. Delivery of ambulances and home care equipment

7. Send service personnel for cleaning, cooking, washing and other things at home or at the workplace of companies, offices and factories.

Direct to Manager Of Mounes Khandan Naji Ins.
Mr.Amini : +98 912 458 1931 (Mobile)

Tel: +98 21 883 47661

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